PRP Security have been providing customised, strategic security services since 1991, our varied client base benefits from bespoke security solutions which meet specific requirements. Our team of motivated, experienced and highly trained staff work to strict standards to meet the expectations of our clients, large or small, at the same time protecting reputation and brand identity. We guarantee our clients ‘best practice service’ through compliance with industry standard regulations and licensing conditions. We use our knowledge to assist clients with their own duties to comply with current legislation. Our diverse industry experience means we offer crucial ‘behind the scenes’ support which is extremely beneficial to our clients' businesses. PRP has close links with a number of key public sector bodies which assist us operationally, this positively impacts on the service we offer, leading to our confidence that we will continue to exceed our goals as a leading provider of security solutions.


PRP Security is a company widely recognised as a key provider of tailor made security solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services through which we aim, without exception, to exceed the expectations of our customers. Creating and sustaining quality and securing this position within a specialised industry relies upon sincere dedication to our employees, our most precious asset; to help them develop commitment to the priorities of the company and to feel proud of their contribution, whether individually or as an integral part of the team. To acheive this, our employees will be well informed and will fully understand the purpose of company business. Through this understanding, comes the wisdom to accept responsibility and the expertise to develop loyalty, dedication and absolute competence within their roles.